Wot not updating

15-Jan-2018 09:11

Hello, all, Due to the large amounts of threads that players are creating I decided to place the solution here for easier finding. Please note these steps are for Windows operating systems, if you are using Mac some steps may be different for you. For me it's found in D:\Games\World_of_Tanks (this may be different for you). To make things even easier I've also added screenshots for each step in spoilers.Tanks in this game are not special or unique unless they are premiums. It cost spare parts to purchase equipment for a tank.This greatly increases the ability to compete in battle.If you have Notepad , you can simply right click the file then select edit with Notepad and skip having to do that.If you do not have Notepad , you can download it here: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ In this tutorial I will be showing you how to edit it in Notepad , but it's basically the same as using other text editors, such as Notepad. Once you have the file open you will see something like this: .So that's just me pointing out things that will make it more far and less frustrating like how it says that I can buy ex but when I do it goes to 0and I get nothing.Also one last request can you ad world of warships on the i Pad THANKS so in the next update consider the previous letter 😀 I've read a lot of the reviews saying how it's just a money scam yet I've spent no money and after about 4 months of intense playing have made it to tier 8 with two different tanks. Sure he game has its disadvantages like how some rich punk can pay and buy a tank that will absolutely blow your out of the water every day.

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Drawing inspiration from the PC version, World of Tanks Blitz is built specifically for optimal online mobile gameplay and is currently available on your i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch.There are improved Premium vehicles and equipment, and many minor enhancements.Download version 4.4 right now and fully enjoy your discounts! Premium tanks are OP and they do not know how to balance tanks. Developers STILL do not care to fix the problem that they created in update 3.8.Hi there I have found the same issue, I can edit it but it never seems to say in the edited format.

I run the client, it fails, then I check the file only to despair when it is the same as before I edited it, even after saving multiple times. I tried to create a separate file and moved the old one to a removable disk but, alas, this attempt failed... Im just wondering if I were to download the game in full again onto a different user, whether this would work?

Since they can't seem to listen to the problems they create or bother to fix them. Unless of course you like being frustrated and ignored.

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