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“We [he and Brian May] started doing gigs as Queen with Paul Rodgers (the former Free and Bad Company vocalist), and three years ago we played Karkov, in the Ukraine, in front of 350,000 people in Freedom Square.I think that’s the biggest live audience ever.” Cue another dramatic photograph of a jam-packed square, with fireworks exploding overhead.” But while there were “moments of over-indulgence”, he did not become one of rock’s long list of casualties.“It’s a dangerous path, no question about it, and a lot of people fall by the wayside. I remember every so often thinking: 'Now that’s enough.’ “As for feeling self-important, well, if you have any sense, you know that all the attention you are getting is not so much down to you, it’s down to the position you hold.Freddie’s job was to provide the unusual, to be the front man, to deliver the music.There was never any question of resenting him – I could never have done what he did. He not only created his voice, he channelled it quite brilliantly.” That’s not, of course, to downplay the vocal contributions or song-writing talents of the other members that gave their work such a unique sound. “We had this very unusual blend of voices, and we made the most of it.

He also raised the possibility that Queen’s surviving members may reunite for a one-off concert at the London Olympics.

If things had worked out differently, Roger Taylor could have been a well-off Surrey dentist with perfect hearing.

Instead of which, he’s a well-off Surrey rock star with defective ears.

Basically, you are surrounded by people whose living relies on you being well enough to perform.” Surely, though, looking back at all these images of bright lights, limousines, police escorts and adoring crowds, he rather misses that attention?

“I’m lucky really, in that I do get it every now and again,” he smiles.We took a two-week canoe trip with six other hearty souls down the Hanbury river.