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She’d traveled to London and auditioned for Mendes, winning the part, but the deal unraveled because of her commitments to “Someday” wound up happening sooner rather than later.

Williams did seven and a half months in Cabaret, but in November of that year, Stone, free of Spidey’s web, made her Broadway debut as Sally at the Studio 54 theater.

She also once played backup tambourine for Prince while nursing a bleeding foot. As a gravity-bound resident of Planet Earth, I am here to tell you that despite Stone’s remarkable liftoff, she has not gone Hollywood on us.

During our time together in Los Angeles, she did not use the word in a sentence, refer to Robert De Niro as “Bobby,” or wear a wig or prosthetic nose to throw off paparazzi (this being an election season, however, she did wear a cool T-shirt that read give a damn, and announced her unequivocal support for Hillary Clinton).

When it opened the Venice Film Festival in late August, the audience burst into applause barely ten minutes in (Stone would go on to win the festival’s Best Actress award).“But I think I freaked out 40 times.”“Obviously it was a big swing to do an original musical where she’d have to sing and dance and the whole gamut on-screen,” says Chazelle. She’s a great comedienne and also can be tremendously moving. It goes without saying that Stone very much remembers when she herself was a Mia, an unrecognizable stranger at Paris Hilton’s party who several times a week was in that red Beetle shuttling to and from unsuccessful and sometimes soul-crushing auditions.She can play every single register.”From the beginning, Chazelle wanted ’s musical numbers—composed by his former Harvard classmate Justin Hurwitz, with lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul—to be filmed “head to toe,” using fifties-style, wide-screen Cinema Scope, and performed in a single take, like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire used to. She recalls the time a woman screamed at her on camera for not properly memorizing a monologue. It’s the actor’s predicament that even the successful ones worry that they could be right back there again. Sure, it’s good now—she acknowledges that her mentality has shifted from “What can I get? ”—but there’s always a fear that after a few missteps, she could be right back behind the dog-cookie counter.“You always feel a little bit like that,” she says.If Stone owns a personal helicopter or a collection of rare dinosaur skulls, she did not brag about it.

The actress still pretty much finds everything that’s happened to her in Hollywood as nutty as the rest of us do.

La La Land_, the biggest leap of Stone’s high-flying career._Before Emma Stone became, you know, Emma Stone, she was Emily Stone, a teenage would-be actress from Scottsdale, Arizona, who moved to Hollywood with her mom and lived in a two-bedroom apartment right near the Farmers’ Market.