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He lifted the other foot and put it in the opening. I have more ideas of things you will wear for me so don‘t think it ends here now be a good boy and put on your jammies! He went to her clitoris and worked it with his tongue till she shook all over and he could taste her female ejaculation. She especially liked it after he licked his cum off her pussy but there was nothing like the real thing. She now had control of their sex, what he did around the house, and now what he wore. After working there for a while she came back into the room. The longer I have to wait for you the harder it‘s going to be." She went into the garage. I ordered it a few weeks ago and I picked it up this afternoon. Once there you will set it into the middle of the room." He looked at it. Now that he knew its function he could see how it would be used. He knew that he could not get his hands to work the clasps. His legs were stretched out as far as he thought they could go.

"Now stand here and let me put on your panties." He stood in front of her and raised a leg as she put the feminine garment up his leg. After it was done he got up to clean the kitchen as he did every night. "Alex, come here and help me." He entered the garage and found a large box. He did so and wondered just what it was he was looking at. " "I don‘t know what it is." "Its your new punishment pillory. She took out a pair of stockings and helped him put them on. "Now lean over and we‘ll tighten you into place." She put his wrists into the cuffs provided.

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Well then, maybe we should get married and get a house. Ok Lets try this." She said with some question in her voice. He lifted his body and prepared to enter with his hardness. Many of her earnings went to her new work wardrobe. After 6 months, Julie told Alex, it was time to get married. For all of the time since they had met his only sexual release was through masturbation. He would take one of her silken scarves and rub himself off with it. She was going to show Alex just what a hot woman he was getting.