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04-Jul-2017 09:28

Oh Mi Bod founder Suki Dunham lays it out for us: “Imagine you’re on a dating app and chatting with a potential partner — and they are “OMB enabled” ( dot on the screen that signifies a user is in an “active” state much like Facebook Messenger.I'm a career driven sports journalist, originally from NYC who possesses an excellent sense of humor.There are many video-chat service that work over the Internet.What’s more, they’ve programmed it with game theory so that it aggressively tries to entrap anybody who talks sexy to it: Negobot starts off in a “neutral” mood.It will chat to strangers in a chat room about ordinary subjects, but once a stranger starts speaking in innuendo or overt sexual overtones, Negobot goes into game mode, tagging the chatter as “possibly pedophile.” Here it will start “revealing” personal details any 14-year-old girl might bring up: problems with siblings or school, life at home, boys.There are tons of better, legitimate, socially-useful ways in which a really good chat bot who can identify sexual innuendo and respond in kind could be put to use, making somebody quite a load of coin in the process.I wonder if these researchers are publishing their code?

The company notes that some creative apps could tie the company’s line of sex toys into hookup apps like Tinder and Grindr, making for some far more interactive new ways to swipe right or #masc4masc.I’m also afraid they are going to catch an awful lot of genuine 14-year-old boys in that net…I’m not the only one to think this may not have been such a hot crime-fighting plan: It’s a terrible thing to have built.It allows for virtual intimate experiences without leaving the privacy of your own home.

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This concept reshapes the entire idea of virtual or digital foreplay.” We’re inclined to agree that, yeah, if there’s any developer interest, that could be pretty interesting.

If they are active, it means that they are connected to one of our Blue Motion vibes.

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