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The first time I saw him, though, he was indeed playing on a New York stage.

And I remember noticing him for one reason: He seemed way too pretty to be there. Because if you’re playing the blues, chances of finding a band of like-minded, and like-playing 15-year-olds is just sort of unlikely. He played second guitar, and I remembered thinking that he wasn’t a very convincing bluesman. Reeve is a talented musician—although he never once touches a guitar in Spider-Man, go figure—but he looks like he belongs in a cologne ad, or leaning against a wall in the bar at the W hotel. In that light, maybe Reeve has indeed found his true calling.

Marge is out jogging one morning and discovers a booth offering free samples of "Science Water".

After consuming too many free samples, she desperately searches for a public toilet, finding one in Springfield Elementary School.

Contradictoriamente, Fulop, que siempre fue bella, se fue poniendo notablemente más voluptuosa y perfecta con el pasar de los años, gracias también a un implante de senos digno de aplausos y, seguramente, varias sesiones de Botox.

Es famosa por su Catherine 100%, un programa de ejercicios y cuidado del cuerpo transmitido (¿todavía?

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I don’t know that there are any terribly anti-environmental T-shirts out there, but I’m curious if Greenpeace people would actually notice one before they asked for a donation. Basically as soon as the weather seemed to get nice again I saw Greenpeace people on the street with their yellow shirts.