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25-Nov-2017 08:35

On the right are a few of our favorite links for quick reference. Do a search for “cutting fluid.” Tap Magic also offers their coolant in small quantities from their site at If you have the time to go through the whole list below, you’ll be sure to find something of interest to you. MSC (Manhattan Supply Co.) offers the largest catalog of all kinds of tools including but not limited to measurement tools.The EMC can control machine tools, robots, or other automated devices.It can control servo motors, stepper motors, relays, and other devices related to machine tools.Many beautiful steam and gas engines, auto, boat and aircraft models, farm tractors, miniature guns, model machine tools and other small metalworking projects are displayed at shows like this. In many cases, you can find Mobil 1 Teflon-based grease, used in grease guns, at an auto parts store in small canisters. It shows some examples of what can be done with a CNC setup using Sherline tools. He turns titanium on a Sherline 4400 lathe to make some very nice looking rings.The actual brand of what we use to lube the machines at the factory is Super-Lube by Synco Chemical Corporation. Take a look at Statman Designs to see what can be done in titanium using Sherline tools.Sherline attends 4 or 5 model engineering shows around the nation each year. We use their oilers in our Sherline product showroom where we do machine demonstrations, and in our Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum.See the links to the left for photos from a number of those shows. makes very nice precision oilers and other specialty tools. Cutting Edge CNC is the home to Tauseef Tahir’s CNC Machining and RC website. In either case, you might find Dan Statman’s website interesting.

A number of aftermarket manufacturers offer CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) conversions for Sherline equipment.

Try the Linux-based EMC system described at Linux CNC.

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