Christian love dating marriage

09-Aug-2017 08:10

(And sometimes they may even purposely send out the signal which is most likely to confuse their parents.) Parents want to respond to both signals.

Sometimes they must say that dating is serious business, and other times they may advise that dating should be for fun. When young people "fall" quickly head over heels in "love," then their parents counsel, "Take it easy"; "Don't get so involved with just one, look around"; "Date in groups"; "Don't be alone a lot." But when young people say that dating is just for fun and that they may date whomever they want, then parents must say, "Be careful, because dating does lead to marriage." In fact, dating is the only thing that leads to marriage.

To their parents they often insist that dating is just "for fun." With their closest of friends, on the other hand, they are more likely to treat dating as pretty serious business.

Generally these conflicting signals reflect some of the confusion which they experience within themselves as they deal with and try to understand their own emotions.

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Please take the time to read the following passages of God's Word to learn that the opposite is true: Song of Solomon 1:2b-4a, 10, 11, 15a; and Genesis . , 35); romantic love does not make any thing legitimate.

When dating is selfish or idealistic, then God's Word is placed under feelings.

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