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18-Jul-2017 23:49

Finally, it should be noted that some Azerbaijani politicians have publicly suggested that Heydar Aliyev was a Kurd.

That belief was based partly on his physical appearance, and partly on newspaper reports identifying his elder brother Hasan as the first Kurd in Soviet Azerbaijan to embark on postgraduate study and defend his dissertation.

He died under mysterious circumstances in custody just days later; the official cause of death was given as skin cancer but his family says he was tortured and beaten by authorities.

Musayev was then tasked with seducing Zeynalov's widow, which he admits to having done.

In what may be a further sign of the newly cozy relations between Moscow and Baku, a Yaroslavl court has given the green light to the extradition to Azerbaijan of a former National Security Ministry official from Azerbaijan's exclave of Naxcivan who had sought asylum in Russia.

Ibragim Musayev says he fell foul of his superiors after learning from a colleague of a clandestine shipment of weapons from Baku via the Naxcivan airport to Turkey's banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

At the same time, as Thomas de Waal noted in his obituary of the late president, Heydar Aliyev was also said to have been instrumental as a young KGB officer in creating the PKK, presumably with the intention of undermining stability in NATO-member Turkey.

Prominent members of Azerbaijan's Kurdish minority, according to a Moscow blogger quoted by veteran analyst Paul Goble, include the mayor of Baku and the head of the state oil company SOCAR.

In a long interview with the news portal, Musayev describes his recruitment by Azerbaijan's National Security Ministry and how he ran a network of agents who supplied information on developments in the northwestern regions of Iran.Visiting Baku in early 2003, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party, expressed concern that PKK members were operating in Azerbaijan under the guise of cultural programs.